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There is urgent need for information on home health care in our country. Our mission is to provide scientific information for extending helping hand to people who require health care at home. Our website should be helpful to an elderly more...
Lots of information in this field is available on net. However information in local Indian languages are not easily available.Our desire to compile information and put it on our website .We wish more...

Sadvichar Parivar Special Medical Services Photo Gallery

Videos for Home Health Care
Home Care of Bed Ridden Patient
Health Care Videos on Cancer (11 Videos) 
Health Care Videos (35 videos)

Articles in Gujarati for Home Health Care
Mo, Nak & Gala nu Cancer A Health Education Guide by
  Dr. Bharat J. Parikh
Diseases of the Brain & Nervous System- Dr. Sudhir V. Shah 
Care of elderly at home By Dr.R.I.Dave
Why Health Check up & Health Records
Health Passport
Take Care of your Body

Selected E-books & Magazines
Suvichar Magazine May 2019
Vyang Rang Book
Arogya ane Teni Jalvni
Vyavhar Shatri (Sanskrit-Gujrati)
Ankhoni Sar Sambhal by Mira Trivedi
Dream for life book by Dr Bapsy
Ten Commandments for Cancer in Gujarati & English
Dr. Nilkanth Rai Chatrapati (Pioneer of First Blind School in Gujarat &   Founder of Brail Lipi for Blind People in Indian Language)

Health Care Issue
Old Age Homes in Gujarat
Mo, Nak & Gala nu Cancer by Dr. Bharat Parikh

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